KAWAIINE Sweet potato peel snack


 Peel(Kawa) Good(Iine) =Kawaiine!


・Made from only 2 ingredients

 Using only (1)sweet potato and (2)rice bran.

 Sugar-free yet amazingly sweet.


・Whole peeled and nutrient packed

 Containing the unique detox functional glycolipid "Yarapin" component of sweet potatoes Yarapin promotes intestinal function and regulates digestion.

 It is rich in dietary fiber and is a snack that is good for health and beauty.


・Sustainability UPCYCLED

 Ibaraki Prefecture, where our company is located, is famous for the production of dried sweet potatoes. Every year, it is estimated that 2,000 tons are disposed.

 This product is made from dried sweet potatoes with the whole skin.

 「Peel(Kawa) Good(Iine) = Kawaiine!」

This is a product that addresses the SDG goals.


Product Name: Kawaiine Sweet potato snack



Sweet potato, Rice bran


Preservation method

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. After opening, consume as soon as possible.