Japanese taste Crumbled Meat


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100 % plant-based Japanese style crumbled meat. For Japanese taste, we use Japanese fermented foods of miso paste and soy sauce from Ibaraki Prefecture that are made traditionally in wooden barrels. This crumbled meat is perfect for Japanese dishes, also can be used in great variety of Mexican, Korean and Chinese food!

How to use:

No seasoning required. It can be served simply with rice, along with stir-fried vegetables, or use it in a variety of dishes with a little arrangement. 


Plant protein (Pea protein, starch/peas, potatoes/, reduced starch syrup, plant oil), Mirin, refined sake, sesame oil, rice oil, garlic, ginger, cane sugar, soy sauce, miso, shiitake extract, red pepper, black pepper salt

Easy Vegan is a brand that develops new plant-based products from Japanese ingredients.