Let's enjoy animal free life together!

Anyone can enjoy it easily. We support your plant-based life that starts once a week.

Using Japanese healthy materials, we started the "EASY VEGAN" brandwith the hope that even one day aweek everyone can enjoy a mealthat benefits the global environment,animals, and society.

Parmesan Cheese Style

Parmesan cheese-like plant-based FLAKE made from sake kasu.

What’s "Sake Kasu"?

Sake kasu (酒粕) is the less left over from sake production.

Japanese Taste


It uses traditional Japanese ingredients such as Miso and Soysource from Ibaraki. How bout adding it as a little extra item to your menu?

"We aim to create a world where respects animals, nature, people, and society."

Our brand was born from this concept. Through our products, we will send you a casual "quality time" where you can feel the connection with everything in your day, such as spending time with your loved ones and a precious time for only you. We believe that valuing “connection” is a step toward an ethical lifestyle that will help to solve environmental and social issues.