When you hear the words “vegan” and “vegetarian”, it seems a bit strict that you should not eat any animal-derived products.

Don't you have such an imagination?

In recent years, food lifestyles have diversified, such as the flexitarian, people who enjoy a flexible vegan lifestyle.

Doing it freely, easily, and stress-free.

We started the “EASY VEGAN” with the idea that everyone can create a dining table that benefits the global environment, animals, and society, even if only one day a week.

We will deliver products that help all whether vegan or not, to enjoy an animal-free meal for a day.


Management of restaurant business

"Tokyo Bal" Ibaraki, Tsukuba, Kenkyugakuen

"Tokyo Bal Garden Terrace" inside the University of Tsukuba campus 

Sales of EASY VEGAN products

Development and sales of plant-based products such as plant-based meat and cheese alternatives.

My Best Cellar

Import and sales of sustainable wines.

Institute of research and factory of production